Massage is fun in Nairobi!

Side view of young woman receiving shoulder massage at spa salon

Side view of young woman receiving shoulder massage at spa salon

Last week the Nairobi Spa Massage Collective did the coolest event. Florence, Iris and Sherry working together on one person, can we call it a The Trio? My friend Lizzi, hosts a Salon and each week her home is filled with an interesting and diverse group of people. The conversation is stimulating, funny and the group is all over the map. I’ve been describing Trager to lots of people for a long time. Well, it was time to show them what it is. But I didn’t just show them Trager. No, what we did was completely different and I think quite unique.

It was like we were a jazz trio; our instrument- the body. Working together we seemed to be looking for the harmonic resonance of each person on the table. We communicated in a way that I imagine musicians must when they are jamming. Each client was different and each person responded with a different tune. It was lovely. It was an honor to be trusted and allowed to ‘play’ each harmony, each person’s unique song.

“A well-oiled machine,” Elizabeth said. Well maybe that wasn’t as glamorous as “goddess,” and “angels,” but certainly what we were striving for, as we each moved around our ‘musical instrument.’ We changed our pace, or place, and pressure as the vibrations moved through the body. I seemed to know just what to do and where to go, and how to use the waves I felt to amplify or tune each person’s unique sound. This experience was profound and I am so grateful to be part of this. I would like to thank each of our clients and Iris and Florence for making this happen.

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About Nairobi Massage Spa


In 2004, I received my professional massage training at the Nairobi School of Massage Therapy. But my training really began as a child – my grandmother and my mother loved to have me rub their scalps, face, and feet. Later, I gave backrubs to my friends and was often told I was “comfortable.” So in many ways I’ve been massaging my whole life!

The focus of my work is to identify patterns of muscular strain to address underlying causes of pain. I want my clients to feel less pain and stress and to have a greater understanding and appreciation of their bodies.

I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge of massage and enjoy integrating the different approaches I’ve learned to create a personalized session for each client.

Why choose me as your massage therapist


My massage is designed to help you feel better! Do you have pain in your head, neck and shoulders? Do you suffer from headaches? Do you have low back pain? If your job or your hobbies are causing you soreness or pain is keeping you from your favorite activities, I can help.

I incorporate techniques from Swedish, Clinical Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofascial, Strain/Counter strain, Body Mobilization Technique and Assisted Stretching to create a session that will address your problem areas and help you relax. I also offer Prenatal Massage.

Formal Training from Nairobi School of Massage Therapy in 2004 with over 800 hours of training.

Kenyan  Massage Therapist Association – Professional Member since 2004

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In my experience, if my body is open and can easily breath and my spine is properly aligned; energy freely flowing, I’m generally a happy human being. The physical practice of yoga, known as asana (postures) has been and continues to be very helpful with keeping my body in optimal condition to receive enough oxygen and thus energy in all the parts of my body that would otherwise be neglected.

However, good massage has other benefits that yoga doesn’t usually offer. Human touch is one of the most overlooked and yet most profound tools for healing at our disposal. Massage, if done properly, is extremely effective in aiding circulation, realigning parts of the body that are out of alignment ie; spine, hips, shoulder girdle, and eliminating toxins from the body by breaking down adhesions and scar tissue and thus reincorporating and bringing more awareness into the little parts of your body that weren’t being used, as part of the larger container for energy flow known as your physical body.

Massage can also be very helpful with depression, feeling ungrounded, or simply helping to reconnect to one’s body. Since I started receiving massages on a regular basis about 5 years ago, I have more consistent energy, I feel more vibrant and awake and I’m much more clear and comfortable in my body in general.


I’m a graduate of the Nairobi School of Therapeutic Massage 600 hour program and have been working as a massage therapist in the Nairobi Area since I graduated in 2006. I’ve worked both in clinical and spa settings and have also had a mobile massage service that continues to thrive. My body work varies quite a bit depending on who I’m working on and what they need.
My approach to massage is a holistic one and I always try and get the clearest picture of what my client needs before we work together. Whether you’re seeking relief of a specific issue or desire the benefits of regular massage therapy, I can accomodate you.
I specialize in Thorough Deep Tissue work and draw from a wide range of modalities including, Neuro-muscular therapy, myofascial release, swedish, deep tissue, hawaiin lomi lomi, shiatsu, reflexology, sports massage and energy work, to best suit your needs. I’m also a certified yoga teacher and have had a regular yoga/meditation practice for many years.

More background

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a good portion of my living playing music professionally and feel that doing body work and having a steady yoga and meditation practice are all quite complimentary to each other.
My work has been called complete, intuitive, intelligent, patient, intense, loving. Just like my music and yoga, my body work is constantly changing and evolving and becoming more refined. I learn equally as much from working on clients as I do from receiving massages or taking various body work or yoga workshops.

Please take a look at some of my Testimonials. I look forward to working with you!

“Adhiambo is the BEST massage therapist! If I could have a Adhiambo massage every week I would!”
-Ruth Kioko, Umoja

“Adhiambo is the best massage therapist I have had in years. He has a deep and intuitive understanding of the body, and has helped me to heal athletic injuries and to maintain overall wellness of being. He is one of those rare practitioners that is clearly a healer, and his generosity of spirit shines through in his work as well.”
-Debbie Njeri, Athlete, Nairobi

Adhiambo is simply the best massage therapist I have ever had work on me. He fixes me every time. It doesn’t matter whether I had a stressful day at the office, pulled a hamstring while running or just feel like self indulging – Adhiambo instinctively knows exactly what to do and how to do it perfectly”
– Jen A.

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Why should I get a massage?


Everyone deserves a massage program that’s designed just for them.

Nairobi Spa Massage is an network of massage therapists with private practices in Nairobi, Kenya. We have advanced training in many styles of massage and a commitment to continual study in order to best serve the needs of our clients. We are committed to working with our clients to give the best the best massage possible by listening deeply. We customize our work according to individual needs, injuries and pressure tolerances. We offer ethical, thoughtful, compassionate bodywork at our individual offices at various locations in Nairobi, meeting as a community periodically for mutual support and sharing of knowledge.

Please note: All services are therapeutic, ethical and non-sexual. The Nairobi Spa Massage supports legislation that would ban the use of the terms “massage” and “bodywork” to describe illegal/inappropriate services.

Advantages to seeing a Massage Therapist in a private practice setting

This is the of the best kept secrets in the field of massage: seeing a massage therapist in private practice, as an alternative to going to a spa or other large facility, has some wonderful advantages for you as a massage client.
The quality of work is generally higher: therapists are under no pressure to “produce” a certain number of sessions, sell you products memberships, or do a certain “brand” of work. The focus is really just on giving you a great session.
Therapists in private practice can be more flexible in scheduling. There is more freedom to change schedules at will to suit client needs.
You can experience a greater sense of removal from everyday life: there are no other clients to bump into on the way to your session, no phones ringing or folks rushing about.

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy affords you the physical benefit of a more relaxed body and the psychological benefit of a more balanced perspective as you face the demands of your life.
The benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. An accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, regular massage:

Softens injured, tired and over-used tissues
Reduces low back pain
Soothes migraine pain
Opens up range of motion, flexibility and circulation
Recharges the immune system
Releases endorphins and serotonin, easing depression and anxiety
Restores tone to weak, tight and atrophied muscles
Aids athletic preparation and recovery
Helps recovery from surgery
Nourishes your skin
Reduces fatigue
Contributes to deep, uninterrupted sleep

While periodic massage enhance your well being, the real benefit of massage comes from multiple therapy sessions. Our goal is to provide lasting support for all our clients, and I”m sure you”ll be happy with our work.

“Massage allows me to ‘take in’ so that I can ‘give out’ when I need to. It is important for space to be made where touch is not connected with violence or a demand being made. Touch had never been common in my family. Massage has been complementary in giving me a structured experience of touch. The main benefit though was relearning to be at ease with my body, relax my mind, without being overcome with weeping or anxieties. When I go for a massage, I feel accepted, unjudged. Massage was an oasis at a time when I was in a very low state and it was a bridge that supported me.”

-Quotes from Andrew Vickers: Massage and Aromatherapy for Health Professionals

Certified Massage Therapist in Nairobi


Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body. Massage is part of alternative therapies which see health not as an absence of illness or injury, but as “comfort in your own skin”.

An Integrative Adaptive approach to massage is about listening carefully to you as a client, and weaving together elements from a variety of massage styles, Local, Eastern and Western. I began practicing massage over ten years ago and have taken hundreds of hours of continuing education. I have a large “tool box”, and I like to mix things up for my clients. No body is the same, so no session is the same. I custom-blend sessions rather than offering protocol-based work off of a “spa menu”. I’m well-versed in basic Swedish, Deep Tissue/ Connective tissue work, Trigger Point, Table Thai, Zen Shaitsu and Cranial-Sacral. I’m currently a student of the Trager appoach.
Please note: All services are therapeutic, ethical and non-sexual.

I grew up in the Nairobi Area, the daughter of a nurse and a chemist (my father was the nurse). This is an amazing place to live, rich in culture and counter-culture. It’s an established mecca for folks who are interested in health, healing, and alternative ways of seeing and being in their bodies. I started taking yoga at the age of 15, but have had enough injuries and setbacks to know what it’s like to need a little help to feel good again.

I work with a wide variety of people – those who seek relief of a specific issue and those who desire simple relaxation.
My clients have included, but are not limited to, people who are:

athletes or weekend warriors
dealing with chronic pain, RSI or fibromyalgia
managing migraines
recovering from surgery
yoga addicts
pilates devotees
all ages
stressed out from work
massage connoisseurs

“Soothing touch, whether it be applied to a ruffled cat, a crying infant, or a frightened child, has a universally recognized power to ameliorate the signs of distress. How can it be that we overlook its usefulness on the jangled adult as well? What is it that leads us to assume that the stressed child merely needs ‘comforting,’ while the stressed adult needs ‘medicine’?”— Deane Juhan, Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork

Pics of my warm, peaceful massage studio. There is a bathroom with a shower for use by clients only. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so you’re welcome to bring your own iPods and massage oils if you like.

Massage with happy ending in Kenya


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